Embassy Records were "in house" versions, later to be known as "covers", not always in the same style, of current hits in the U.K. and America, a practice carried out by all major record labels in the 1950s They were produced and manufactured by Oriole Records for F.W. Woolworth & Co.Ltd. from late 1954 until 1965, when the Oriole company was sold to C.B.S.The last recording session took place 26th July 1965.

A small group of session musicians became an elite club, producing hit recordings, often in one "take", with a maximum of three days notice of what they would be recording next!

In the words of Ray Pilgrim..

Embassy records were essentially cover versions of potential hits, but this one is rather special. Cover or Original?? Adam Faith had the hit with this song, but it was actually written by Johnny Worth under the pseudonym Les Van Dyke.

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